NCHC Player Registration

All Illinois CRU players need to fill out the NCHC registration form regardless of your intentions to go to Regionals or Nationals. The NCHC is our governing league.

Instructions for some of the questions on the NCHC registration form:

Team Name: IL CRU

Players Classification: (Your curriculum is not the concern, only your age. Below are the 'Class of' that you fit into based on your age as of 9/1/16)

Age - Class
18 - Senior 2017
17 - Junior 2018
16 - Sophomore 2019
15 - Freshman 2020
14 - 8th Grade 2021
13 and under - 2022 and beyond.

What NCHC postseason events will you be attending?: Both NCHC Regional & National Championship

Age groups you will be playing on: Select the age group your child most directly fits into.

Link to the registration: