Parent’s Agreement

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Parent’s Agreement

General statement:

I will support the leadership of Crossroads and be in communication with them directly if there is disagreement. I will conduct myself in a manner consistent with Christian values.


More specific details:

I will support the purpose of Crusaders Basketball:

"Bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ while excelling at competitive basketball."

I have read the player’s agreement and agree to support it and help enforce it.

I will care for my child's growing relationship with Jesus.

I will be dedicated to the program and strive to have my child on time to every practice and game. If a discipline issue arises, I will contact the coach and discuss a solution that will be in the best interest of my child and the team before making the decision to keep my child from a practice or a game.

I will always be in good communication with the coach and let him know ahead of time of any problems or the possibility of missing a practice or game.

I will submit all forms and pay all fees ASAP, or work out another arrangement with the director.

I understand that this is a competitive basketball program and will support its operation as such.

I will be willing to get involved personally and help where needed and when asked.

I will go to the coach directly if I have any concern with their decisions. If it is unable to be resolved I will speak to the director.

I will not speak to a coach about concerns until the day after a game.

I will approach people directly if I have any issues with them rather than gossiping.

I will not listen to complaints about other people; rather, I will direct them to speak to the person whom they are complaining about so they may speak with the person directly.

I will only speak positively about the program, players, parents or coaching staff on facebook, twitter or any other social media outlets.

I will let the love of Jesus show through my life by my words and actions as a fan, parent, and representative of Crossroads Basketball.