Player’s Agreement

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Player’s Agreement

Honor Christ

I will make it a goal to represent Jesus as a basketball player and as a person.

I will strive to grow in my daily walk with Christ through prayer, bible reading and Christian fellowship.

I will be involved in church.

I will learn to win humbly and lose gracefully.

I will practice self-control by learning to control my pride, anger, words and actions.

I will be a person of integrity and display a positive attitude at all times.

I will not participate in gossip (even by texting).

I will only speak positively about the program, players, parents or coaching staff on facebook, twitter or any other social media outlets.

I will glorify God by dressing and acting modestly both at basketball events and in my everyday life. (Girls should not have sports bras exposed or have any skin exposed on the torso.)

Honor Parents

I will obey, honor, and respect my parents, coaches, referees, and other adults as the authority God has placed in my life.

I will be diligent and work hard to get all my homework done on time.

I will have a positive attitude as I represent the love of Christ to my parents and siblings at home.

Excel at Basketball

I will be committed to attending practices and games.

I will always be in good communication with the coach about everything.

I will give 100% at practice and games.

I will commit to practice and work out on off days.

I will be committed to striving to improve as a player and as a team throughout the season.

I will be committed to teamwork, by putting the good of the team and others before myself.

If at any time I break any part of this agreement, I realize that I may be disciplined by the coach or program directors. Discipline may involve running laps, losing playing time, suspension, or even being expelled from the team.